OK, I finally got the VWT2000 pics (and others) developed so I have them here for you now!

Green Day etc. pics.  These pics are --Insert Title Here-- Exclusives!! And just to gloat and be stuck up like the stupid people at 409 Online (if it has our tag on it you have to ask us if you can use it and tell us what you are gonna use it for and why you want it). Only I am not gonna be that bad, you can steal 'em if you want because these are one of a kind!! I took these pics myself :D.  And lemme tell you, waiting in the pit for 4 hours was worth it, as you can tell I am at the very front! (very proud of this fact and the bruises I sustained because of it).  While I was waiting I took a few pics - Papa roach dude and Save Ferris.  Letsee it was really awesome. I got the dookie kicked outta me 'cause I was standing right behind a security guard, crowd surfers suck!!!!  Billie Joe actually looked at me!! Oohh yeah during AFI, who came on just before GD, Mike was standing there head banging, and then these idiots started screaming his name and so he left (how nice of him!!).  It was really cool just like watching him be himself!  Morons...anyway... Then AFI came out at squirted us with squirt guns during Green Day.  And like usually Billie Joe had someone come up and play the guitar; the first person was a moron, but the second person got it right.  Well, that's pretty much my concert report since I and you probably really don't care about who else was there and you could probably look it up somewhere else, or you probably already know.  On to the GD pics!!!  "You stupid security guards!     
Always in the way!" - Billie Joe 7.19.00 La Salle Park Buffalo - and I heard it, ISN'T THAT THE TRUTH!