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Ok, ::looks around::, you all know those stupid school fair things they have right? Well, in 1st grade, 1991, I went to one, little did I know that my actions that day would have perilous consequences.  I went to the fish game.  I won a fish.  I still have that fish. In 2000!!!!!!!! I've had three other fish since... it killed all of them.  It won't die!!! The name of this evil creature posing as a goldfish - Fishie, that's right, Fishie.

For several years now it has been my quest to kill the fishie dun dun dun. However, I am starting to believe that it is an evil immortal highlander fish and they only way it can be killed is by chopping off it's head (where ever it ends).
I have said as much to my parents; they said, if I killed the fish they'd know, and they'd send me to therapy and they wouldn't let me get my licensee until I moved out.
So I am asking for your assistance in the assassination of my fish.  Please, if you have any ideas, send them to me and I will post them up on here.  ::looks around:: I must kill the fish, I cannot live in the same house as that vile demon much longer.  HELP ME!!!

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