The Slang
Anklebiter - Infant

B & S Ball - Ball held for Bachelors and Spinsters, singles crowd, often held in the bush or remote location and often involving copious amounts of alcohol  and sometimes mud!

Bender - Heavy drinking session

Billabong - Waterhole

Blue swimmer - $10 note, blue in colour

Cancer stick - A cigarette

Cherry Ripe - Chocolatecoated cherry bar

Dill - Idiot

Fruit loop - Idiot

Fullon - Expression of approval or surprise; intense

Grog - Alcohol

Heartstarter - First alcoholic drink of the day, somtimes first cigarette

Heave - To vomit

Jolly green giant - $100 note, green in colour

Kark it - Die

Kiwi - A New Zealander * (see bottom of page)

Knock - Criticise

Lobster - $20 note, red in colour

Longneck - Tall bottle of beer, 750ml or 26oz

Middy - Glass of beer, 285ml or 10oz, in NSW/ACT & WA

Oldies - One's parents

Oz - Nickname for Australia

Pike out - To leave the party early

Pineapple - $50 note, yellow in colour

Pot - Glass of beer, 285ml or 10oz, in QLD & VIC

Rage -To party on

Rapt - Pleased

Redback - $20 note, red in colour

Schooner - Glass of beer, 425ml in NSW/ACT,NT & WA

Slab - Tray of beer, usually 24 cans

Technicolour Yawn - To vomit

Toey - Nervous

Unit - Flat, condominium

XXXXPronounced "Fourex" not "exexexex!" Famous Old beer

A few stubbies short of a sixpack  - Stupid

To bark at the lawn - To vomit

As bright as a two-watt bulb - Stupid

Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey! - Cold!

He couldn't last a round in a revolving door - Weak

Full - drunk

Hotel - often just a pub

Middy - 285 ml beer glass in NSW
Mull - grass (the kind you smoke)

Pash - a long passionate kiss; hence "pashing on"

Pom, pommy - an Englishman

Rack off - push off! get lost! get out of here!

Rotten - drunk - "I went out last night and got rotten"

Shout the Bar - buy a round of drinks for everyone in the bar (when you walk in    with your hat on you do this automatically, don't protest that you didn't say        anything if you do, you stil gotta buy everyone a drink :D)

Stubby - a 375ml. beer bottle

Sixpence - 5 cents

*Note, just to make a few more connections, as the universe is inter-connected... Russell Crowe, having the same last name as Bre, and being from New Zealand, has a nick name, unoffical, just in our little social circle - Uncle Kiwi, hehe get it? Learn more about our Uncle Kiwi here ~> Actor Guys