- 08.15.01 - Summer Work - ALRIGHT! The summer work is finally done! I'm
just so happy! LIfe is good; then I go back to school ::shudder:: Let us not
think on it . . .

- 08.15.01 - Warped - Alright, so I went to Warped Tour!! It was awesome! Didn't bother to sneek in a camera though. No GD, no TLE. Why  bother? I got the Madcap CD and the Vans CD, and a t-shirt and a way cool necklace. It was great! I got in the mosh pit and had fun! But Lisa didn't want to stay so i didn't get to mosh as much as I would have liked to.
Got to see tons of bands. It was great! Got sunburned, but didn't get beat up. So it's good. Can't wait 'till next year!!!!

- 08.01.01 - TLE - The American version of "Roll On" has Prisoner of
Society (live) as it's 15th track.  That's kinda old but . . .

- 08.01.01 - Me - Well, I now have my license which is way cool.  Now if
only I can get my parents to let me DRIVE places as if I'm just totally irresponsible. But anyway! Yeah now I work at Target. It's ok, it eats up a lot
of my time. Umm . . . yeah I have a CAR! It's way cool! It's a '97 Buick
Century Custom (Doug pointed out the "Custom" part yesterday, does it make a difference?). AND it's GREEN.  Incase you haven't noticed I LIKE GREEN.  Warped Tour is coming up, in 7 days. Dunno if I'll end up going - must organize (not very good at that).  We'll see.  That's all for now!

- 08.01.01 - The Site - Hey! I'm back! After a good 4 months break! Hmm not not much to update (which is why it HASN'T been). Hmm I guess that's All!

- 04.01.01 - Actors - Val Kilmer hosted SNL tonight. It was cool.

- 04.01.01 - The Site - The file that holds this site on my computer got very very large.  So, in order to cut the time it took to load, save, update, and modify the file, I moved the Green Day and The Living End Compelations to separate pages on different servers.  You shouldn't be able to tell unless you look at the actual adresses of the pages.  Also, I created a main sites indexes on three locations, one of the home site and one on each compelation site.  The result is slightly less user-friendly, but it works.  There might be some dead links here and there but if you notify me, I"ll fix 'em.

- 04.01.01 - My Life - Well, the concert was the highlight of my life since the last update.  I joined the track team, I "throw"; I hate running with a passion. This means I work out Monday, Wed, Thurs, and Friday.  Which means I have way less time to update.  Also, I went bowling last night and got the highest score of my life, 94!! I'm so very proud of myself!  The 3rd marking period just ended so that means that report cards will be home soon.  It looks pretty good, no B's or anything.  Also, only one week of school and then SPRING BREAK!!!  Which means I'll have more time to update.  That also means that I have like 8 or 9 weeks of school left! Wahoo!! Oh and now there are only 47 more day's 'till my birthday! I better start reading that driver's book. It's very exciting. Finally, the move from AOL is now complete, my new e- mail is  I got to keep my AIM screen names, Disappearingirl and CarenGD.

- 04.01.01 - GD - Green Day made a video for Warning apparently but I never got myself to watch MTV to see it! So, this is really old news so it's probably not on TRL anymore (Carson still fat and stupid?).  Also, they'll be on Letterman 4.27.01.  They were on Mad TV a few weeks ago.

- 04.01.01 - TLE - Hey! I'm finally back! Letsee what's been going on? Well there was a TLE concert on 03.16.01! It rocked!! Katie and I went to Toronto, unfortunately the parents had to drive. And we went to this awesome club THe Opera House.  There was about 100 people there and we were like 20ft from the stage! It was soo cool! They played a lot of the songs from the new album, which I had at the time that didn't come out until the 27th in the U.S., and From Here On In, Prisoner Of Society, All Torn Down, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and some others.  But it was cool 'cause I knew all the words to all the songs before they expected us to and Chris looked at me and saw that I knew the words and that was cool!!!!!! AH!!! :DDD And Scott stood on his bass two times and then tried to go crowd surfing but they kept dropping him and the security guards were like having a panic attack!! I don't like Trav's new hair cut.  But Chris was like so incredibly hot!!! It's wrong . . . Yeah but they didn't do an encore and they weren't selling shirts, but I already had some TLE shirts so Katie and I had 'em on, and these cute guys were askin us about 'em so that was cool.  It was soo great!! I hope they come back soon! Also, a word of advice, if the Canadians are yellin "keep the jackets!", keep the jackets! Especially if it's 32 degrees out and you're gonna be outside for an hour.  The only thing that really sucked was the stupid bouncers didn't even ask me for id. Like "oh, this one's not 19" as he proceeded to mark my hands with black X's.  Ok, those black x's are like big "NO NO" signs! Like "This person is under 19" that means, no drinking, and no flirting with people over 18! It really stinks . . . But everything was soo cool other than that! Come back!! Come slightly closer next time!!  Also, they were on Conan O'Brien on 3.20.01.  They'll be on Letterman 4.12.01.  So get ready!

- 01.31.01 - My BOOOORRING Life - Yes, well, first of all, just as a public announcement I AM NOT GOING TO WINTER BALL!!! End of discussion.  
Second, I will be moving out of AOL on Feb. 8th.  I dunno what the new E-mail or AIM Sns will be; so, I'll keep ya posted.  HELLO POWERLINK (CABLE).  That's all for now.

- 01.31.01 - Uncle Kiwi - WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! It appears that Mr. Wonderful, Russell Crowe, and Miss Evil, Meg Ryan, are finally broken up for good.  I wouldnn't be surprized if he goes and writes a song about her.  He was with Sharon Stone, made a movie with her (The Quick and the Dead), wrote a song (High Horse Honey) about her, and was done with her.  Meg shall follow the same path nahahahaha!! (Proof Of Life, song is not yet made).  Also, he has been rumored to be with Courtney Love now??! Ughh barf!! Let us HOPE NOT!! It is also rumored that he will be relseasing a cd with her, and another one with Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt? I'll keep ya posted!

- 01.31.01 - The Living End - Well they have a  new single out for Roll On, it's called Roll On, Yes! Confusion is good (the song Roll On is also on there nahahahahahah!! I love these guys . . .).  Also, they are rumored to be having a concert in Toronto on March 16th; however, we do not yet have confirmation so . . . KEEP THOSE FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!

- 01.31.01 - Green Day - For those of you out there who care about Green Day, which you had better.  They have a new video out "Warning" it's now on MTV, or so I am told.  I have yet to bring myself to watch TRL with stupid and quite FAT!!!!!!!! Carson.  It's just soo depressing.  Don't worry I will tape it soon! SO GO VOTE FOR WARNING ON MTV.COM!! GOO!!! (notice no link - i don't respect MTV as you can see from the home page . . .)

- 12.7.00 - Green Day - They'll be out with a new and revised version of Warning very soon, I dunno the date 'cause I'm mad that I am gonna miss it,
but it will have two new songs "Scumbag" and "Outsider,"  but thanks for that wonder invention called Napster we will be able to get 'em without going out and buying the whole cd over again; which I wouldn't mind 'cept I happen to be relatively broke, and I still have to do more shopping, and mom sure as hell isn't gonna buy me a copy of a cd I almost already have. So if you don't have Warning already, wait a little while.

- 12.6.00 - Movies and Actors - Well, I missed the opening of the new Val Kilmer movie, Red Planet,  but I know I'll buy it when it's on DVD.  The new Uncle Kiwi movie, Proof of LIfe, is coming out this friday (12.8.00).  Unfortunately this movie also has the mega bitch in it grrr . . . damn her and her divorce she can't have him!!!  The new Mel Gibson movie, What Women Want, is out next friday (12.15.00).  So get your self to the movies!!  I also bought the Gladiator DVD, which has soo much cool extra stuff, besides the movie is awesome!!! SO just get it man!!! :DD It rocks!!!

- 12.6.00 - TLE - Well the new TLE album - Roll On Came out in OZ on the 20th of November, and I ordered it.  That was also the day of the "big storm" and everyone was caught downtown including my mom, good thing dad approved of ordering before we knew about it - otherwise I might not have ordered it for a while, thus preventing me from getting a fre poster!! Nahahaha!! (The poster is basically the album cover with some info about a "win Trav's car contest" which I don't want to enter 'cause I can't drive and I don't want to pay to ship a car over seas, even if it IS Trav's old car.)  Roll On will be in Japan next Tuesday (12.16.00), and in the US on March 27, 2001, I dunno if it will be a different version.

- 11.2.00 - Ok, well this is almost like a mini-update but it seems that every time I update I write something in the news page just to keep anyone who actually cares posted.  Well, the new TLE CD will be out in 18 days, on the 20th, probably will have to order it from the website however, but I'll check at Media Play on the 21st 'cause that's when the Gladiator DVD comes out!!! Two discs man!! Can't wait!! This is all very exciting. Next week I have Tuesday off and Friday off so it's good.  That's pretty much all that's happening in my life, you see I just changed the titled from "News in my BOORING Life" to "News" because it's becoming not so boring.

- 10.25.00 - WAHOO!! THE TLE SINGLE CAME TODAY!!! It rocks man!! I high suggest you get on over to the tle merch site and buy it!! Might take a week to get there if you don't live in OZ though . . . Wow I had to wait a whole long week!!!

- 10.18.00 - Haven't been on in a LONG time but back at work now... Well maybe.. I think I might know what the problem with the pictures is - still working on it. And even if I DO figure it out it'll take a while to fix 'em all so, hold on - not that you care or anything :D.  Well apparently the pics that I take pics of with my digital camera don't turn out so hot, worse than the ones that I just insert from other pages . . . SO! This problem only occurs with the pics that I attempted to "scan" using the digi camera and I guess there's nothing I can do until I get a REAL scanner... I think I can make the OTHER pics look a little better...?

Green Day News
- The new album came out on Oct. 3. and ofcourse I ran out and got it, but... Ok so if you look at Nimrod you can sorta see the direction they were going in.. but this new album, though it has many Green Day elements is not what I would call "up to par."   There's BIllie's lyrics, and Mike's back up vocals, and Billie's signature guitar and voice but the engery isn't really there - thank GOD the punk message is still there!!   It's rather depressing 'cause every reivew I have read says that Green Day has grown up which, as a teen-ager, I refuse to accept.  Needless to say the thought that GD will never put out another album like Dookie or Insomniac is utterly depressing but they are stull an AWESOME band.  So, if you like the punk message and the GD sound, or if you're a pretty hardcore fan, or just collecting get it.  But if you thrive on the energy you might be dissapointed.  Question, can you actually mosh to this stuff? I hope so!!!! Otherwise you're gonna have one REAL depressed GD fan.  However, the album is still pretty good - this is not the end of the world here.  Like Nimrod it's grown on me.  How could a GD album not?

The Living End News
- Yey!! The Living End came out with a new single on the 16th!! Called - Pictures in the Mirror.  But,  beware you can only get it in OZ.. BUT! We are in luck, coming in ONE DAY LATE GAHH!! has it (Living end Merch link).  ALSO!  New CD scheduled to be out (in OZ ONLY ofcourse) November 20. WAHOO!!

Russell Crowe News
- Ok, so the mystery couple got back together again since the last update.  It just makes me sick.. The poor guy... Well, I suppose it IS his life... Soo sad though...
- I was alphabatizing the good movies we have at my house by actor and then chronologically within the group, anyway, I run across The Big Easy.  So i run it through to check and see if there are any cute guys in it - just to make sure.  And what do I come across but a Russell Crowe movie in the previews "Heaven's Burning" ouch... How totally ironic... Russell Crowe, and the movie is titles "Heaven's Burning" I just found that VERY interesting.
- HAHA!! Thanks Lisa for this info... MadTV (on my side nahahaha!) made fun of Meg the other night.. :D

- 9.11.00 - Ugh.. I just looked at my pics on the web and boy and they yucky!!  : / I'm not sure what to do about it except to say that if you really care, which you probably don't, I could send you a copy that would be a lot nicer...  I do intend to figure this out at some point... Until then... Incase you didn't notice I am using this 'cause it was the easy way outta FTP but it's soo big now.... Plus, I insist on figuring it out myself well I did anyway, I'd really like some help with it ya know... well maybe I should just go figure out FTP and HTML ehh....

- 9.8.00 - the first week of school was interesting... things are going ok I guess, but lets not talk about it. Lets talk about how stupid tripod wasn't updating for me all week so only half the stuff that I got done the last time was up but now it's all up just incase you were wondering... yey it's friday!! WAHOO!!

- 9.4.00 - Well, it is officially the last day of summer, even if it is 4:15 a.m.  I have no one to talk to about it so, here I am.  I just spent a number of hours updating this site, a very much, and it will probably be left as is until well probably next weekend I might have some news about how terrible school is but... After that you probably won't hear too much from me until like Christmas when I have a break.  I'm not sure.  You probably wouldn't have time to see it all anyway.  I am, however, very happy with what I have done soo far.  I did print out both my essays.  All I have to do now is find something to wear.  ::sigh::  Maybe this year will be better, I know last year was hell.  Wish me luck.  I never did a write that R&R on school and America.  Maybe my passion will flare up again after school gets started and I am exposed to large quantities of mind numbing and mindless substances and people.  Well, farewell summer, wish it was Christmas already.


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