The Beginning to 8.31.00
- 8.31.00 - Ohhh no!! It's the last day of August!! I don't have to go back until the 5th though eeepp!! Well, things are gonna start to slow down a heck of a lot with all my new responsibilities coming up, sorry no page about the Warped Tour or Green Day and the Living End lyrics or pics or more links.  Just won't have time but since i just wrote it all down here I'll probably remember to get around to it a little piece at a time - I already have a small collection of pics for both of 'em... Ohh yeah gonna finish my stupid summer assignment tonight still have one body paragraph and the conclusion to write seems I always wanna quit out right around this point.  Well, I guess breaks over... ::sigh:: back to writing... P.S. don't read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - IT SUCKS!!!!

- 8.24.00 - SPECIAL REPORT!!! - YES!!! Meg and Russell finally broke up!!! Apparently she has gone back to her husband Dennis Quaid, CONGRATS DENNIS, you can keep her. (and I get to use the Nimrod sticker again!!!)

- 8.23.00 - I am very excited, for several reasons - 1. shopping for new school clothes on Monday yey!! Well, I mean it's always fun to go out with my insane friends hehe (Katie, Lisa, Myndi, Nikki, Jenn) how could things be dull?  Second, I really dislike the clothes that I have now for winter so, it's great!  Not that I am a shopping freak - we go on an excursion like this ohh twice a year, and what fun it is!! 2. people are finally starting to see my site!! I doubt that they are reading everything or finding all the wonderful sub pages that I have but hey they are atleast making the counter go up!!!! 3. Braveheart on DVD in 6 days - I have been waiting all summer for this!!!!!! Well, I finally got my pics developed and I plan to work on this page a lot after I finish that stupid summer assignment... (Added later in day) - YES!!! I am just getting three new Green Day songs (offa the new album) VERY EXCITED!!! I shall not sleep or rest or whatever until I have them all nahahahahaha!! YES!!!!!

- 8.16.00 - Well, yesterday I started and finished the first set of readings which will be the basis for my first essay (of two) for my Humanities summer assignment.  Everyone's been on me to start it since it's due the first day of school

- 9.5.00.   Personally I hate work, and I hate school even more - more so than the "normal" (normal is a standard set according to a majority or an average
- not everyone is normal or wants to be normal - me) person, and I'm not just saying that.  But anyway, it seemed like everyone was more worried about it than me!  The only reason why I didn't start is 'cause to me starting it is like giving in, letting go of my summer vacation and my freedom from the school.  *&^%*# school, always trying to run my life!! WELL IT WON"T!! Just that since I only have three weeks left . . . and it sorta started to suffocate me, everyday "did you start it yet, how far are you?" blah blah blah.  Ahh the woes of being an honor student and hating school . . . So, just so you all know, I started it and hopefully will be done with the rest of the essay today, maybe not. I want to go pick up my pictures from the beach, and the warped tour, and some other things. Well, that's all for today.

- 8.11.0 - Did you also know that it is REALLY hard work keeping this page up? Well not keeping it up but expanding and stuff. ::phew:: but it's fun!!

- 8.11.00 - Apparently my other really bad page is gone gone gone. :(  Just to announce that. I'm not really sad, it's only that it had music and and a Green Day Survey!! I supposed I could change this survey to a Green Day Survey... Maybe after I get a few more votes... Ohh well ::sigh::

- 8.10.00 - This is old news, but it just MIGHT be new to you, we're gonna have to take that chance and put this on the "news" page.  Green Day will be releasing their 6th album on October 3, 2000.  YEY!!! flashback ::has freak attack and runs around screaming::.

- 8.9.00 - Thanks the reopening of Napster, I now have a complete collection of every Green Day and The Living End song ever officially recorded and released, and even some unofficial ones. :D  Just wanted to post that and gloat over it. If anyone would like one, all you have to do is ask!!!!! Not that many people other than my friends (who I push these Mp3's on anyway) read this.

- 7.30.00 - Napster Part II -
If you haven't heard it already . . . there has been an appeal issued on Napster's behalf; therefore, WE GET TO KEEP USING IT!!!!  

- 7.28.00 - SPECIAL REPORT -
Attention all internet downloaders!! I am very sorry to say that sell out bands, like Metallica, can finally Rest In Peace.  The very wonderful... and useful.... and cool.... and well, Napster has been shut down. ::hmph:: But not to worry, there are plenty of clones out there, and just as soon as I find some I'll put some links up on here. It's just soo sad ::sniff::. ::Grumbles:: Stupid .... music indrusty.. the... ::mumbles::

 - 7.28.00 - All right people, what's happened since the last update... humm....  Well I went to the Warped Tour (7.19.00), which I will talk about in a different segment, because I still have to get the pictures developed nahahahahahaha ::evil demented laugh::.  I might even dedicate a whole page to it.  But for now, lemme just say that I am still bruised from the pits. :)  Other than that . . . I started golf lessons, yes that's way fun dude, especially at 8 on Monday mornings!! Yey!! ::rolls eyes:: So I go, and I am the oldest student there, and the worst; he assistant is my age, and way awesome at it, not to mention cute. But whenever he is supposed to help, he only talks to my cousins whom I must endure these lessons with, he's very annoying.  So, I am making very little progress with that, but it's fun!!! The callouses are starting to come in (ouch!).  My family is still in town (have been for a few weeks ggrrrrrrr).  On Wed. (7.26.00) I got to give everyone Sea Do rides for a good 6 hours : /. I still can't walk - very sore, with an added bonus of extra bruises!! But it was fun, got to show off to the whole neighbor hood. : / But anyway... I think that's pretty much it; I TOLD you my life for boring!! ;)

- Old news from like 7.23.00 - Well, I got my page on the OPD (Open Directory Project).  Unfortunately, the summary I wrote for my page was all cut up and edited - it was funny, and carefully worded and planned but SOMEONE over there lacks a sense of HUMOR ::AHEM::. So, now it's just stupid and I am embarrassed that it's being used to describe my page; sadly I can't change it or even get off the list grrrr. Just like my teachers!!! DOESN'T ANYONE GET MY JOKES!?!?!?! WHY DOES EVERYONE TAKE ME SERIOUSLY WHEN I AM JOKING!?!?! I am serious dude, it happens all the time, it's a strange phenomenon, whoa. Well, this is turning into an R&R so I'll shut up.  :|

    A few days ago I learned of a great tragedy, today being 7.12.00, it involves the most recent inductee of our Actor Guys page, Russell Crowe.  Apparently he has begun a relationship with the well known American actress, Meg Ryan.  This is bad for several reasons, 1st if you know anything about Russell you'd know that he's not the type to be tied down, and she had kids. She's gonna pull him outta his freedom, and I think that's just WRONG!  Second, she was with, or even married to, Dennis Quaid.  Now the two are gonna break up and who do you think is gonna get the blame? That's right, Russell. He'll be known as a home wrecker, and it will be all Meg's fault.  Second, as has been demonstrated, several times, American actresses are all screwed up.  He's gonna get caught in her issues,dude.  It would be totally acceptable for him to date an Australian or a New Zealand actress, but noo, he has to go for the American.  We all know that long distance relationships don't work.  Let's hope that this relationship will demonstrate that theory.  To help this disaster along, Bre (you're in right?) and I have decided to write Meg, or even Russell, hate mail in attempt to break them up.  Who knows, we might actually do that one day...  In any event that's the sad new news.  Look back soon for a report on the Warped Tour, happening on the 19th.

    Lets see, nothing that great has happened except on last Saturday/Sunday (6/10/11/00).  So I stayed out until 4 a.m. with a few college dudes, and didn't call my parents BIG DEAL! Well to my parents it is, this is also a reason why I have time to update . . . But the important thing is that I learned that college guys are soo much more interesting and fun that high school guys! They can drive, they TALK TO ME like I am an equal, and they also are very inteligent and ACTUALLY understand some of the ideas that I try to communicate!  So, since I am single, If there happens to be a guy out there who is like that...
    One more thing, finals are happening right now so just incase for some strange and odd reason you are wondering...
    Spanish - 98
That's the only grade I have currently, but I'll keep ya posted.

    Well last night (Friday 3-24-00) I went to the Korn Concert here in Buffalo NY.  Dude was that awesome!!! Unfortunately, apparently to get into the mosh pit, on the floor, one had to be in possession of FLOOR TICKETS. So no mosh pit for me.  But I was very pleased with my 100's level seating (where I did my fair share of head banging) :P.  But I knew people who had floor tickets, and I also knew someone who got STAGE TICKETS!!!!  Dude, she actually got to TOUCH members of the band.  That was way cool...  But, on the contrary, I also knew someone who had to sit up in the 300's section, sad sad sad, nosebleed seats. It was probably still a good show even up there though (NOT!!!).
    The opening band for the opening band was uhh well I don't remember the name but it was OK (helpful huh?). Then Staind came on, they were cool, got the pit working a little bit, when the lead singer hopped in there.  They were good, played Mudshuvel, it was nice.  Then we got to watch this Korn animation stuff, very funny dookie, a little sick (on the Sick and Twisted Tour) but funny!!!  I won't give any of it away for those of you who might end up seeing it later.  Then Korn came on opening with "Falling Away From Me," after that I really didn't keep track of which songs were played.  Later before John... (let's just say there were bagpipes :)) Fieldy came on the screen and he was mad about N'Stink (sorry Bre) and the Backdoor Boys (Sorry Balbir) being higher on the countdown than Korn, so all of you go out and vote for Korn on TRL, even though I don't watch the show, keep the bassist happy dudes. Then they played more songs and the show ended, a lot like any other rock concert one might attend,  The pit, from what I saw, was decent.  I know some of you are interested in that but... No profuse crowd surfing... Though I guess it was allowed 'cause the security dudes were in the pit and people surfed right by 'em.  
    The show was really great overall (not as good as the Green Day concert [see Movies] but very good nonetheless).  Very loud, very smokey, very cool.  I went, I sang, I watched in awe, I head banged, I bought an overpriced T-shirt , all in all it was cool.  If you get the chance, pick up some tickets.