Way cool linx
    Here are some sites that may or may not be worth your very precious surfing time.  Keep in mind that they are to my taste, and that I surf for hours and hours looking at  "useless, boring" stuff.

http://proppeople.com/farpark/ - Hehehe, Farscape characters - South Park Style  lol!

http://www.uselessknowledge.com/ - Uselessknowledge.com how cool does it get??? I mean come on!

http://www.cs.virginia.edu/oracle/star_links.html - Very cool little tool.  Type in the names of two actors/actresses and see how they're linked (via movies).

http://www.sixsides.com/ - Introducing . . . THE BOX.

http://www.cinemanow.com/ - This is very exciting! Watch movie from the internet! It's great.  Probably doesn't work with lower speed connections however.

http://www.truepunk.com - Pretty Cool punk site.

http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ - SETI@home - The search for Extraterrestrial Life - down load the screen saver and help out!! It's on my computer.

- My mom's web page, basically a site that is supposed to get people to know about how she does estate sales and dookie... anyone got an estate sale to do? No...? That's what I thought but hey...

- This is Bre's Page, I just found it (maybe again?) today, thought I'd put it up here. :)

- This is Erin's page, I just got it (this I am sure of!) today, thought I'd put it up here. :)

- This TLE site is far superior to the other one.

- This is a link to a downloading for Trellix  (the software that I used to make this page).   If you want this software you might have to make an account with Tripod; but that's ok because you'll need a Tripod membership (free) so you will have web space for the page you make.  Bre says that the link works, not that we don't trust Bre, but, if it doesn't work blame her!! :) You know we luv ya Bre cheese!

- Russell Crowe, actor, singer, songwriter, guitar player. Ok, so Bruce Willis' attempt at singing was, to say the least, pathetic.  What's the difference between the two?  Russell was making music BEFORE he started acting.  So go check out his band - Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts.  Strange name, strange band.  Not my usual taste but, he's a cool dude, and I'm a sucker for music in the pure form.  Don't get it?  Go read some interviews on the site.

- This is a cool site, comprised of condensed versions of bedtime stories, there are links at the VERY bottom of the page to other, similar pages, I recommend the movie-a-minute page.  Not serious, just humorous.

- This is a way awesome channel; I highly reccomend you become addicted to it.

- This is another way awesome channel, equally if not superior in the quantity of satisfying entertainment.

- This is an awesome game, takes a while, I think it's easy 'cause I love movies, seen and heard about soo many! Try it!

- This is where I have been spending a lot time lately; there are some good bands, some bad ones, but, I like it because most of it is underground in the Punk/Alternative section.

 - This is the web site for Monstervision, which is a movie show hosted by Joe Bob Briggs on Saturday nights on TNT.  They used to play some really awesome B-Movies all night long.  But Joe Bob kinda sold out.   In order to get better ratings TNT hooked him up with some more "popular" movies and changed the set, and the name to "Hollywood Saturday Night with Joe Bob" or something of the like.  Consequently, I haven't watched the show in a long time,  but I guess they still play B-Movies later on in the night.

- This is the Internet Movie Database, which comes HIGHLY recommended for you movie buffs.  TONS and TONS and TONS of movies, crew & cast, quotes, trivia, goofs, and lotsa general information on Hollywood. Go ye and explore.

- Korn site. I though I should include this to go with the news.  Go check it out and see when the tour'll pass you by.

- These are my type of people! I think they are on to something... The cones are probably assimilated members of the alien race that Bre and I are fighting.  I'll explain in my R&R.