Things to do in an Elevator
"Things to Do In An Elevator..."

- When people get on, ask for their tickets.

- When there's only one other person in the
elevator, tap them on the shoulder and then
pretend it wasn't you.

- Ask if you can push the button for other
people, but push the wrong ones.

- Hold the doors open and say you're waiting
for your friend. After a while, let the doors
close and say, "Hi Mike. How's your day been?"

 -Drop a pen and wait until someone reaches
to help pick it up, say "That's mine!"

- Push your floor button with your nose.

- Stand alone, and when the doors open tell
people trying to get on that the car is full and
that they should wait for the next one.

- Ride naked.

- Push the top floor button and announce that
you tried to kill yourself yesterday but the other
building wasn't high enough.