- 08.01.01 - Final Fantasy Review - I enjoyed this movie as a sci-fi fan. And The graphics were stunning, save for a few moments when it was obvious these weren't real people.  The animation was great but it still has a long way to go.  Furthermore, there was very little, if any, character development; they could have developed Aki and Gray's relationship - where did that come from anyway (*poof* outta thin air)!?!  But was anyone REALLY expecting a plot or character development? I mean, this movie was spawned from a series of video games; the two do NOT resemble each other in the least.  But who would have wanted to go see a movie that was mostly a bunch of fights.  Had it been made like the games, it would have more closely resembled Mortal Kombat than anything else. With the whole phantoms thing and dreams sequences I don't see how this could have possibly been made into a video game; which begs the question "Why is this movie is entitled "Final Fantasy" anyway?"

- 04.01.01 - I was talking to my mom the other day and she brings up the fact that Russell Crowe is single.  OK, I may be crazy and obsessed, but that doesn't mean I'm sick and totally unrealistic!  I thought that was funny; I'm like "What's your point?", she's like "He's an option now." I'm like, "No, he's not!"  OK, there's a line between thinking you can actually GET Russell Crowe and actually just thinking he's really really hot . . . By the way the throwing coach DOES NOT look like him.  Also, the dudes is like 36, 37 years old!! That's just nasty!  So mom and I start talking about acceptable age ranges.  It turns out I can date a guy up to 18 years old.  That's not bad I guess; anyway, if he's any older it's like illegal.  My religion ::barf:: teacher was telling us that it's even illegal for someone under 18 to hold hands with someone over 18. The parents of the younger can take the older to court; something about inappropriate affection towards a minor or something.  So, just watch out! Make sure your parents LIKE your 19 yr. old better-half.  Then we were talking about acceptable ages for marriage.  Apparently, 10 years is an acceptable age range! That's kinda gross the one way . . . my husband could be like 6 right now . . eww!! I don't think I'd be going that way though. But, on the bright side . . . that means the guys from TLE (not Trav, however) are options!

- 04.01.01 - OK. You all should know by now that I am fairly well obsessed with Green Day.  There is this other kid in my school (we won't mention any names) who is also a pretty big GD fan.  So, there's always this little competition going on between him and I.  I am not competitive naturally, and I don't take this very seriously, but I mean like once every three days he's gonna bring it up!  This is all we ever talk about.  "I'm the bigger Green Day fan!" "No, I AM!" "Well, I'm wearing a Green Day shirt today" "Well, I wore one yesterday" "But look, your shirt isn't even green!" "Well, if you know anything about Green Day you'll know that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the color green! And, I have enough Green Day shirts to wear a different one every day of the week!" "Yeah, if you wrote GREEN DAY on them!" etc. etc. etc. It's very sad, my friends have to drag me away from these conversations! By the way, I DO have enough Green Day shirts to wear a different one every day of the school week.  
1. - Nimrod Shirt with dude nailing a board over his eyes.  
2. - Green Day Mechanic shirt.  
3. - Green Day Warning Shirt w/exclaimation mark.  
4. - GD Hot Wheels shirt.  
5. - Green Day - Bench warmer hoodie.  
SO THERE! Also, last year during the volleyball tournament we sat in a group and I had all my GD cds as usual and he had to borrow my Kerplunk cd and burn a copy 'cause his mom broke his! What's that!?!? Let your mom trash your GD CD!?!? That's wrong.  But, I can deal with this competition, it's almost fun.  So then one day we were arguing and I'm like "No, I'm the bigger Green Day fan!" and he's like "Ok, whatever you want." So there I WON!! Right!?!? I'm all happy and whatever, and then a few days later he's coming back up to me like "I'm the bigger Green Day fan!" WHAT IS THIS!?!? You can't unconceede!! It's against the rules!! That really makes me mad! ONCE YOU GIVE UP IT'S OVER!! If you're in a Baseball game and your team concedes, you can't go back on the field a few days later and be like "Ok, we're ready!" Ugh!! So I am the biggest Green Day fan on Grand Island, not that that is a big accomplishment but. . . THERE!!!

- 10.18.00 - Well, it's been sometime since the last R&R.  I fully intended to write a R&R about Punkism and America but I've realized that it takes so very long, and people just aren't willing to listen so here's the very condensed version.

- America Sucks
- American Government is a farce
- America isn't a democracy really
- The Public School System is a 13 year brain wash program
- "Punk" is viewed as a derogatory term
- Punk a philosophy really, antigovernment, anti - society, anarchy type thing
- People who use punk as a derogatory term have been brain washed, to think that     punk is bad because punk is antigovernment anti-society (the things which brain     wash people in the first place)
- Punk is a type of music, this music EXPRESSES the PUNK ATTITUDE
- Punk dress is the way that most punks dress - don't ask me why in my opinion     you can be punk without having to wear the stereotypical punk dress
- Stereotypes SUCK!!!
- You can't really tell by looking at a person what kind of a person they really are
- In America, if you want to "fit in" you cannot openly express opposition to the     "norm"
- The "norm" have been brain washed to think a certain way
- Most Americans aren't not free thinkers or open minded in the least
-I don't want to live here . . . I'm moving to OZ (just wanted to throw that in there)
- Punk is not the same as freak or skater, freaks have a certain way of dressing or     attitude or music I don't know 'cause I haven't bothered to learn but I am sure     there are specific parameters skaters are people who SKATEBOARD!!!! This     does not mean that all other "alternies" fall into the punk category
- Anyone who tells you different either doesn't know what they are talking about or     has already been brain washed have you?

Yeah, this sounds a little OUT THERE but it actually does make sense, no I don't run around with conspiracy theories the post office one is just for fun ::shhh::  And just because these aren't widely accepted facts doesn't mean that I am insane. I'll leave you to ponder the above for a while.  If it sparked your interest e-mail or IM me - always happy to talk about this stuff!! But just THINK about all these things and how they are interconnected and how they make sense.

- Not that I haven't whined to everyone of my friends about this...  OK, so maybe you might call me a little mature for my age.  Maybe even really cool, or whatever (so I've been told).  So I like to express myself in my profile - attitudes.  That wasn't really a problem until they removed the age section on the AOL Profiles!!!! I mean grrr... I get these ims from all these really really cool, nice, great guys and we talk and we're getting along good, and they are starting to ask me if I'm single and whatnot, and then they ask how old I am.  ::sigh:: I was born a few years too late, not only did I miss Green Day's punk and prime eras, but now all these dudes think I am too young.  OK, so maybe it wouldn't work out between a 15 yr. old. and a 26 yr. old.  But I mean is 18, 19, too old?!  Do they really have to run away when they find out I am only 15.  Like every night I get ims from these dudes, too old, thinkin I'm cool and blah, and every time it ends up the same.  Some are nice and say stuff like "Stay cool princess, don't break too many hearts," "wow! you're cool, and funny too, only if you were a little older honey." ::narrows eyes:: Just because I'm 15 I'm "princess" and "honey!?!?"  They are nice compliments though... But, sometimes I get, "whoa you're too young," that's it or "byyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee."  What's with the repetition of letters?  I don't get it. ::shakes head::  So, the other night I finally got my wish, this dude from Depew ims me starts talkin, says he wants a "punk girlie."  Now, I took that as a compliment, 'cause while some people use "punk" as a derogatory term, I like the idea, and the principals and the attitudes and the music (I'll do another rant on  the definition of "punk" later).  But then he like wants to meet me, at like 11 p.m.  Now, that's not too late really but I can't drive, and to ask my parents to take me at that time is late, I don't know any peps my age who can drive... So it's a little too late for me to be leaving the house this year, I can stay out past 11, but that's too late to leave... such hypocrisy coming from American Society (I'll do another rant on that also)!!  Anyway, so he says he'll come pick me up.  EPP!!! Not to sound like a baby or a chicken but like I don't even know this dude, I met him on the internet - we've all heard the horror stories.  I've met people from the internet IRL (in real life) before but at 11, him driving me to who knows where, by myself.  Maybe if I had my own ride and was with a friend.  ::phew:: That was a close one that night.  So I guess I should be careful of what I wish for.  I wish I could drive, then I would've met him.  ::sigh:: Ohh well, the search for a boyfriend continues.

- Ok, so there is a part of people's ear that is related to, well, getting in the mood if you catch my drift; yes, minds back in the gutter. Ok, so it detects sounds in a certain range on some scale.  Rock and roll, in general, falls into this range.  This, explains why chicks dig rock stars; they MAKE these sounds.   It also explains why rock and roll was shunned back when it first came out, they knew it, but didn't want to tell ya; there were a little uptight in the 40's or 50's was it?  And it explains why rock is always linked with sex (sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Where the drugs part came from, I have no clue, ask an expert). Also, the louder these sounds are the, well, the better the effect if you take my meaning.  Explaining why people always turn up music, especially rock.  Taking this one step further, prolonged exposure to such music at high levels of intensity could explain why rock stars have an obsession with nudity.

Ex. Playing naked in Madison Square Gardens - Billie Joe of Green Day
and just look at Blink 182 - even though we don't like them here 'cause they don't like Green Day.

    There is now a new kind of hair coloring, apparently it works very much like Just For Men.  I think since I went international the Aliens have found out that I found out and now they created a new, not necessarily imporved, weapon.  I don't remember the name, but it starts with a G.  So, LOOK OUT!

I had formulated this theory a while ago but this is the update so...
    So in biology, we studied genetics, during which they answered the age old question of, "What makes a man different from a women?"  Now, before your minds which don't reside in the gutter, but come up to the gutter to feed once in a while run amok, let me explain.  There are two chromosomes which determine sex, X and Y.  XX is a female.  XY is a male.  The X chromosome carries genes, the Y does not.  So, for all practical purposes, the Y chromosome is useless.  Thus, men have a gympy gene.  That is as far as I have taken the theory, you make take it further, but I am tiring of the battle of the sexes.  However, if you're not send me a R&R on the subject and I'll post it.

Theories Added on 3-28-00

- Did ya ever wonder why the post office is soo big? I mean do they really need all that space just to sort some mail,  which is pretty mush sorted when you stick it in the labeled mail slots. Ok so then dogs hate the mail man right? Well dogs have a special sense right? They can like sense evil right?  Also, the post office flag is always up and the light on it is always toward the sky, not the flag, like sending a signal to space maybe?  AND the most incriminating evidence yet! It is run by the government!! Ok so here it is, the post office is the base for Aliens.  I am serious, dude I do not go near that place!!! With all that extra room, help form the government, lights shining into space all night.. Plus, how do you think they got those stamps to be licked, and then stay? Do you think a HUMAN came up with that? Umm no, humans don't come up with stuff that tastes that nasty!! Doink! Ok so, then the Aliens can only be killed with sports equipment.  Why? Think about it, does anyone send that kinda thing through the US post office? No they all send it UPS.   So there ya have it.  Now to expand on this..

- Ya know that just for men stuff?  Ok how does it get your hair color right? It copies your DNA and sends it back to the nearest Alien base, your post office.  The Aliens then study our DNA so they can take over us.  They then signal back to the dye and tell it what color to die one's hair, to keep the product working.  Then the Aliens take over the bodies of the men that used it.  This is how the Aliens are taking over our planet.  Why men you ask?  Traditionally, up until extremely recently men were the "dominant sex" so the Aliens decide to start there.  So, NEVER EVER EVER use Just For Men!!! EVER!!! Just you wait, once they've taken over the male population, they'll formulate the dye to work on women, and then they will enslave our species.  Just you wait, Just For Men ::hmph::

Now I think you all need time to let this soak in, so that's good for now. :) Happy mailing!!!

3 - 29 - 00
     I am really pissed. Ok so I don't even really like the Goo Goo Dolls that much anymore, but they are from Buffalo, and ignorance pisses me off.  I was flipping through the channels today and MTV was playing "Broadway" something about it being dark...  Ok so the other summer I went to their concert, and they told us that that song was about the Broadway in Buffalo.  So the video ends and the moron Carson, whom I never did like, don't and never will, comes on and says something about "Broadway's not dark, 'cause it's light out here and it's just that way."  He points his thumb toward the window.  Ok, ya know MAYBE just MAYBE they could like know this kinda stuff.  I mean how much else can they not being telling people about.  You just misinformed like a thousand people Carson! So that just supports my theory that Carson is a nimrod.  No he's not even 'cause he isn't worthy of the nimrod title! Carson is just a moron.  Get it right stupid!! It's the broadway in Buffalo, not everything centers around NYC!!!
    I mean people always think when I say "Grand Island" that I mean Long Island. Umm sorry no!! As if Long Island is the only island in NY.  People can be soo close minded.  I mean it's not like I like being here but as long as I am here I might as well defend my existence, right? No offense to people who live on Long Island.

Note about next R&R -
- Ok, so maybe I over reacted a little. :/ But, I'm cool now; so, I edited the Rant, and just wanna say that it's cool.   I am not gonna appologize 'cause this is how I vent; and, consequently, I am gonna leave it up here, just wanted to add this little note. :) . . .  : /  Don't look at me like that!!!!!

- Well, after my little episode on the News page, I am all revved up for this piece that I have, on copying ::narrows eyes::.  I thought it would be cool if my friends made pages, I tried to help 'em and promote it. I thought maybe we could even start a web ring; that would've been cool.  But I supposed I've been asking for this, especially with setting my friends up with the same software I use.  So, ***** got the Trellix program - same as me - and he made a page.  I suppose using the same software would constitute a resemblance between the pages - links at the top, frames thing, same format basically - that much I expected, but it goes a little farther than that with *****'s page. grr... Examples
- page was called "*****'s Universe" - until I gave ***** hell about it
- also has his pic on the front page
- has a disclaimer which reads very similarly to mine
- the disclaimer comments on the irony of "Grand Island"
- also has "funny" little sayings just before their links
- has many pages decicated to topics similar to mine
  - bands
  - contacting the page's maker
  - "cool linx" - hmmm shouldn't there be a "way" there?
- it also seems to me that the way the page was written, in general is a great deal like mine

Now we know whose page came first, though we also know that copying is the highest form or flattery... Well, frankly, I DON'T CARE!!! The dude stole almost all my ideas and used 'em on the page!!!! GRR!!!!! It makes me mad!!! I don't really know WHY it makes me mad but it does!!! I DON'T like it!!!! ::mumbles profanities unintelligibly::