Shout-outs and...stuff..
    Humm well first off I'd like to thank the person that gave me the virus, with out whom I'd never've gotten this computer and this software.

Thank you Bre for the quotes, and the Matrix parody, the pics, and the blonde joke.
Katie M., dude thanks for the pics, and the idea to break down the quotes!!
Thank you Malcolm, and Malcolm's piano teacher for the jokes.
Dandy(Dan D.), thanks for the jokes, and the idea to break up the jokes!!
Thanx Jo for the survey!
Erin, thanks man for the quotes; even though I stole them with out askin. :)
Molly G - Thanks for the blonde joke!
Siggi - for the rumors on Uncle Russell Ira Crowe Kiwi
Jenn - thanks for the creative inspiration on the math/psych essay behind the essay :D

And a very loud, "Hey!" to:
    Amanda, Nikki T., Nikki S., Lacey, Shannon, Alex, Nick, Ricky,Tom, Ashley M., Lisa, Danielle H., Sigrid, Darcie, Stef, Balbir, Doreale, Dan B., Rob, Chris, Suzie, Doreal, Mark,  Lizzie, Katie C., Danielle G., David, Sam, Darci, Adam, Stef, Megan, Andrew, Chris (not the same) Sabrina and Tiffy and Molly  and D.(D.) (even though they won't see this!!!), and anyone else I forgot sorry!! Remind me and I'll put you up here!!!!