Actor Guys
- Redundant title? NO!! We are emphasizing the part about "cute male"  here...

Heath Ledger - WEB

WOW! Yet ANOTHER Aussie Male Prodigy, ok, maybe we shouldn't go that far but here's another one, look out they're taking over!!!  This young man (young compared the other guys on this page) is Heath Ledger, you might've seen him in The Patriot, "Roar" (They always cancel the good ones!!), or 10 Things I Hate About You.  But that's pretty much it.  This one's for you Siggi!  Well, lets hope he gets his butt in gear and makes a few more movies!  (And the picture looks half way decent to!! Not referring to Heath himself of course.)

CKR - Web
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This dude is Callum Keith Rennie, you actually probably haven't ever seen him, in anything but Excess Baggage, eXistenZ, Masterminds, Last Night, or the tv show dueSouth. (yeah the capitalization on that is right)  Ok so maybe you have seen him - I know maybe he isn't that cute, but he's really cool!

Mel - Web
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Mel Gibson, since I doubt that many of you do know who he is, you probably recognize him (stop racking yor brains) - Braveheart, The Patriot (the two are remakably similar and when my cousin and I went to see The Patriot in the movies he yelled out "Freedom" I coullda killed him but it did fit....), The Lethal Weapon Movies, and the Mad Max (Road Warrior) movies.  Extra added bonus, he's from OZ!

Keanu - Web
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Keanu Reeves Mr. Cool right? Right :).  Well actually I am getting too lazy to do a good into hehe. that's me too lazy! Well anyway he is really cool especially in - The Matrix, The Bill and Ted Movies, Speed, and Dracula.  Hehe, plus his name means Cool Breeze Over the Mountains in Hawaiin (which he is by the way).

Depp - Web

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Johnny Depp - Miss Hoy has good taste! Well there's not too much to say 'cept he went with Winona Ryder who likes Green Day, but anyway.  He's been in Sleepy Hollow, The Astronaught's Wife, Edward Scissorhands, and Don Juan DeMarco.

Giovanni - Web
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Billie Joe?  Nope it's Giovanni Ribisi - doesn't he look like Billie Jor though? Whoa.... Well that's really the reason why I started to see his movies 'cause he looks soo much like him! Now they might not be as cute as some of the other actors, but they (ok switch back to singular) he's really cool!  You probably saw him in Boiler Room, The Mod Squad, Suburbia, or Saving Private Ryan

Double V - Web    
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Here is Vincent Ventresca (double V).  He's actually pretty unknown.  You might have seen him
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion or the sitcom Boston Common, granted, he looks alot different now in The Invisible Man (one of my fav. shows) on sci-fi Fridays WATCH IT!!

                Russell Crowe - Web
Bitmap ImageThis is manly man Russell Crowe.  All right, so he doesn't exactly look it from this picture, which is all the more reason for you to know more about him. :) He's one of the many cool things from the Australia/New Zealand area (Aussi Mini-Obsession).  Though his career(s) started long ago there, you know him here from The Quick and the Dead (thanks to Sharon Stone), Virtuosity (who needs Denzel?), and Gladiator (no doubt a best film of all time).  What makes Russell so interesting?  Well, he's from New Zealand hehe. Ok, he's totally cool, he has a band - guitar player (see the newest R&R) and he refuses to sell out, and go commercial, totally punk of him, check out their site in - Way cool linx.  Not to mention the fact that he owns a 560 - acre ranch in Australia, and he rode his motorcycle, with a few friends, around the OUTSIDE of Australia (do you have ANY idea how far that is? Well, it's far, like try 4,000 miles.)  Russell has a career in acting and music, plus he gets all these actresses to fall for him - Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan.  Just further proof that one DOESN'T need to finish high school to be successful (see the Green Day bio - Bands)
                    James Marsters - Web
Bitmap Image As the picture gets smaller it gets yuckier but... This is James Marsters (did I spell it right Bre?) He is best known as Spike in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.  As if Angel wasn't enough reason to love Vampires...

                    David Boreanaz - Web
Bitmap Image This is Angel, David Boreanaz.  He plays Angel on the t.v. series "Buffy: The Vampier Slayer," and on his own series "Angel."  The best part? He used to live in Buffalo, even went to Ithica college!! WAHOO!!!  Shannon says he used to live near her old house. :D

                    James Dean - Web
Bitmap Image This is James Dean, though he is dead, and would be old, in his youth he was the Rebel Without a Cause (see Movies) you all know you want to, he's cool, and cute too.
                    Billy Zane - Web
Bitmap Image Ahh, Billy Zane, you know him best from Titanic, Phantom, and Tales From the Crypt.  Though he looks ok with no hair, he looks ohh soo good with...
                Ethan Embry/Randall - Web
Bitmap Image It's Ethan Embry, or Ethan Randall, he can't make up his mind.  But you should make up your mind to see him in Vegas Vacation, Can't Hardly Wait, and Dutch

                    Ethan Hawke - Web
Bitmap Image  It's another Ethan, Ethan Hawke, very nice, very nice, see more of him in Before Sunrise and Gattica.

                    Jeremy Norham - Web
Bitmap Image Jeremy Northam, though a little older than some other guys here, is still very cute, see just how cute - Gloria, Mimic, Carrington

                    Ralph Fiennes - Web                
Bitmap Image Ralph Fiennes, "It's pronounced Rafe actually." Nice accents in Strange Days, The Avengers, also check out his brother, Joe Fiennes (Web),  in Shakespeare in Love

                Sean Patrick Flannery - Web
Bitmap Image They just keep comin' with Sean Patrick Flannery, who put the young in The Young Indiana Jones, also appeared in Body Shots, and a very cool movie The Bookdock Saints also check out the older Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford - Web

                    Karl Urban - Web
Say "Hello" to Karl Urban.  He plays Cupid, and Caesar on Hercules and Xena.  He was also in Heaven, he played The Sweeper, unfortunately, he is from New Zealand so we don't get to see too much of him around here...

                    Stephen Dorff - Web
Meet Stephen Dorff.  He was Deacon Frost in Blade, he was also in The Power of One, S.F.W., The Gate, Blood and Wine and a number of other movies.

                    Val Kilmer - Web
Bitmap Image This is Val Kilmer; he is all over the place.  Some works you might know him by: Top Gun, Batman Forever, The Saint, and Real Genius.

Yes I am aware of the fact that these filmographies are grossly condensed, however, I don't think that EVERYONE who sees this will be interested all that much. So in the interest of keeping people here I will stop now. :)  Although I could go on and on and on...