Green Day
Billie Joe -
"You stupid security guards!     
Always in the way!" - Billie Joe 7.19.00 La Salle Park Buffalo - and I heard it

"Theres nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it."

"Alot of people, when they talk to me, I can't wait for them to shut up. Like, just shut up. You're a moron. I have nothing to say, you know?"

"We're just a sily little band from the Berkeley-Bay area."

"I never thought being obnoxious would get me where I am now."

"Throw mud at eachother... see how many stupid things you can do to each other all at one time." (At Woodstock)

"I sound like and Englishman impersonating an American impersonating an Englishman."

"I'm just the same idiot from Rodeo, CA that I was before Dookie came out. So if you see me in the street, come by and say hi. I guarantee you I'll say Hi back."

"They have bad taste. I am NOT a good looking guy." (on obsessed fans)

"The beauty of the punk thing is that everyone has thier own interpretation- like the Bible"

"Alternative? Alternative to what? This is as mainstream as it gets!"

"I couldnt care les if people think I'm insignificant because Im 22 years old. Thats great. We caused a generation gap. Great. Most of the bands around now, I've been playing music longer than they have, and I'm also way younger than they are."

"What? You can heckle me if you want it's ok I won't understand" (at a foreign concert)

"That's a big guy, much bigger then me. But I'm working on it."

"We're just a silly band called Green Day, and we;re from no place special, just like no one else on this ----ing planet."

"School is practice for the future and practice makes perfect and nobodies perfect, so why practice?"

"Im a ---ing idiot."

Tre Cool -
"Yeah, I'm going to learn. I'm going to learn to skate really good, and if I can't, I'm going to get hurt doing it." - Tre Cool

"I'm the greatest rock and roll drummer on the planet and you suck"

"It's not how you pick your nose, it's where you put that booger that counts"

"You gotta play for as many people as you can. It's, like, if someone wants to see you, and they, you know, can't, then that's lame."

"We're charging what we're worth and we don't think we're worth $22.50. We take a lower cut than Pearl Jam."

"We keep our receipts kids"

"Im still completely out of hand, just more like a 12 year-old with responsibility."

'The album was very agressive. It kicks you right in the balls. " (Insomniac)

"I never completed high school and I am very rich and very successful."

"Shut up. Shut up! JUST SHUT UP!!!"

"It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done." (surprisenglly wise comming from Tre!)

"We have a thin candy shell, I'm surprised you didn't know that."

Mike Dirnt  -
"A lot of shows on that tour had to be cancled because the crowds got too big"

"Then all of a sudden we got intorduced to punk music and it was the coolest ----in thing"

"You're just mad cuz your in the rain, well, ---- you, i hope it rains so much you all get STUCK!"

"All my religious beliefs are based on Star Wars."

"Looks like dookie from here."

"You guys got tickets?" (Outside The Rave in Milkakee, talking to some idiots)

"I think I broke my nose." (from MTV's Live From the Ten Spot when he hit himself with his guitar)

"Dogs will take over the world, its a known fact."

"Stop throwing ---- or I'll jump in there and beat your ---." (n San Deigo, yelling at Mark Hoopus of Blink 182)