Ok, I know alot of you are my friends and you aren't up here.  Well, I am asking you now... Can I put ya up? And don't pretend like you didn't read this and not answer - I know if you come here or not!!! (::cross fingers:: believe me).

Here is Jo (Joanna). Just got this pic.  She was in OM with me and Jenn and Shannon and Molly and ::sniff:: TIFFY!! We miss you buddy!

There's Dandy, and probably one of the few pics left that is shunk but I mean he had red eye and it wasn't that great in the first place.

That's Dandy and I, I really like this picture.

This is a different pic of my friend Amanda, she's the guy girl (she gets ALL the guys :)).

This is my friend Balbir, she's totally cool man!

This is my friend Dan, he's my diversion from Spanish class ;).

This is Doreale, one of my many friends that moved, one of the many friends that didn't say good bye before they moved!! ::AHEM::

This is Catie, she's really cool too, but then aren't all my friends? Doink, that's why I hang with them, right?

This is Katie, she's one of my best friends!! We stay up all night online, and talk man, it's totally cool. So why the sticker? She wishes to remain anonymous.

This is Molly and Bre, one of the very FEW pics I have of either.  But you have to guess who's who.

This is Stef, she's like soo awesome, we've been friends since 6th grade! But I never get to see her anymore :(.

This picture was taken at a graduation party, 8th grade mind you.  I just thought it sorta of demonstrated just how organized we can be (this is impressive by our standards).

This was taken at the start of my 15th birthday party.  
so not everyone was there at this point. Also, no guys are present 'cause the moment a dude comes in everyone sits in the corner and does nothing for the rest of the night.
Top row (L - R)
Lacey, Molly, Jenn, Sigird, Myndi, Nikki.
Middle Row:
Balbir, Katie, Shannon, Ashely, Amanda, Darci
Bottom Row:
Tiffy, Danielle, Nikki, Katie.