Yeah, this is "I dunno where else to put 'em but I want you to see 'em page."

Pictues, of things

Emerald Isle, North Carolina  - June 2000.

This is Bob, Bob belongs to Bre, Molly, and Myself.  He's labled, the little sticker on his back is a pic. of the three of us.  We fed Bob donuts, and popcorn.  Bob was resting on my neighbor's lawn.  He ran away and is now roaming the streets of Grand Island ::sniff sniff:: If you find Bob, please return him!

Not that I think anyone will steal my art work, I just like to put my tag on pics! It's like a nimrod sticker only not...

This is my attempt at an artistic picture - that's a candle... and film negatives, and an Areosmith Record ::gasp:: and a cap gun - lol! Robby thought it was real hehe.

This is actually a picture of my mom on a tilt and that little black spot was something on the lens, not to mention the camera was outta focus...isn't it cool? I think the dot is really the center of focus ::spaces out::

That's my eye...

This is Emerald Isle, well one of it's beaches anyway.  ::Sigh:: What I'd give to be there, anytime. And yes, that's my Uncle David's mostly bald head. :)

This is just another picture of my dog, Sparky, and Chris, he's still cuter than your dog!!